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This morning, I read a very interesting article about ‘Olfactory Branding’ and I tried to think hard if I have any memory, besides of course the overwhelming cocktail of perfume of the ground floor section at Shopper Stop and obviously the Coffeee beans at Barista, CCD etc…nothing came to mind except the smell of Sambhar at Sagar Ratna, which I am sure is quite accidental, considering the volume of agarbattis being used to kill the sambhar’s scent !

It really set me thinking, why cant my favorite stores smell like my favorite things ?

Of babies; summer rain; old perfume on folded scarves; books in a library; bread out of the oven;  freshly brewed coffee beans…..
Smells have a way of associating with memory and often just a whiff of something can recreate an unforgettable experience. It said that more than 65 percent of people can remember a memory associated with a scent even after one year,  making this a a great way to encourag recollection of a previous in-store brand or product experience.
There is a league of marketing led retailers who are now investing in creating a signature smell, primarily in the fashion space – Bloomingdale’s, Corto Moltedo, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, H&M , Mango…to themed rides at Disney World, brands have woken up to the centuries old wisdom of using smell to entice, seduce and remind customers.
The article spoke about a “1990 study conducted using Nike shoes by neurologist and psychiatrist Dr Alan Hirsch, director of The Smell and Taste Foundation. Hirsch placed identical pairs of sneakers in two identical rooms with one important difference: one was scented with mixed floral scents, one was unscented. Astonishingly, Hirsch’s research found that, in the scented environment, 84 percent of consumers felt more desire for the same pair of shoes, which they deemed to be worth on average $10.33 more”.
Not surprising that we there is an “olfactory branding” firm 12.29 besides global scent majors like ScentAir, who are developing signature scents for retail.
The scent of the brand is the new medium of brand engagement for retailers.