I have been snowed under millions of little things that if added together do not unfortunately add up to ‘work’. But the fact remains that I have been snowed under. For a morose period of time I have wondered if I will ever get this blog to life again. That’s funny since I have got a total of 1.25 readers on the blog anyway ! But that at-least is a Sign of life !

What got me stirring again was something I read today about the Jap fashion retailer Uniqlo.  At times when the Japanese economy is bracing recession, Uniqlo it seems is cruising along. What they do well and differently from the rest is stick to a strong and clear cut positioning – simple, modern, cool clothes sold in a minimalist  setting with the trademark japanese style service.

Keeping with the ‘modernity’ promise they keep the brand renewed by innovation. The latest are ‘Heat Tech’ range of clothes including thermal underpants that converts moisture to heat ! I bet we could do with those in Delhi this winter !

To launch the Heat Tech range the store had a ‘human’ vending machine distribute free products to visitors – basically a big transparent box with a girl miming robotic vending machine actions. It looks funny but I guess it got them the required attention.  

More in store is a cute little Robot store assistant called Wakamuru who blogs and some crazy, quirky Advertising. Check out !