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As I stood outside the Grand Hyatt in Bombay after the Images Retail Awards, waiting for my car – I spotted Jesse Randhava in front of me. There were a few painted others who were younger and maybe from the time that I stopped following page 3 news. The inaugural HDIL India Couture Week was happening at the same venue and I couldn’t help but think that no matter what, recession never hits the Indian fashion industry. Or the real Estate Industry for that matter. Or if it hits them, it takes a long time for the message to sink in ! And in keeping with that spirit you have a real estate company called Housing Development & Infrastructure Limited ( HDIL) sponsoring the Couture Week ! He He ! Funny.

The organisers, FDCI had discreetly said earlier that said that the Couture Week was timed to appeal to India’s wealthy elite and expatriate Indians ahead of the autumn wedding season. And to catch the Big Fat Indian Wedding season, the Delhi Fashion Week begins on October 14, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week starts in Delhi the next day, and Lakme Fashion Week begins on October 20 in Bombay. Hallelujah !

The great indian wedding show, truly, deeply and always goes on.