I love Barney’s Communication! Not Barney, the purple dinosaur but Barneys New York, the luxe retail brand. I love the Barney’s website, the mailers, the catalogue and those clothes. It’s a pity I don’t have the rich-punjabi-husband!

I was reminded of Barneys while reading in the ET the other day about Aditya Birla Nuvo’s plans to launch a chain of lux stores in India, inspired by Harvey ‘Nicks’ and the Barneys concepts! The stores will be called ‘Collective’.

I remember, on my first geeky trip to London, I carried a list of all the ‘must -visit and be photographed at’ places! There was Harrods topping that list and I hadn’t heard of Harvey Nicks! But my up market friends in London told me that Harrods was where the oldies go and so I landed at the imposing corner building a few streets away from Harrods.

It’s been 10 years that Aditya Birla went shopping for the Madura Brands and things have been rather quite since then. With ‘Collective’, the company will take a very big fashionable leap – targeted at the metrosexual man, the chain will have 12 stores to begin with in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi. To support the backend, AFL Logistics has already set up the first-of-its-kind 12000 sq ft fashion and luxury retail distribution centre in Bhiwandi specially for the Madura Garments Lifestyle Retail Company. The second such Luxury distribution center will shortly be announced in Bangalore. 

What’s special about a Luxury goods warehouse? Well, pleased to be educating you – it has automated biometric access, infrared security and surveillance with high-end cameras which are capable of motion based capture, customised racking and a fully mapped warehouse management system. Binning and picking guided by a fisrt of its kind in India wireless radio frequency gun (RF gun) and more ! Phew, are we impressed !

Aditya Birla have lined an impressive array of the brands to be showcased at the ‘Collective’ – VF’s 7 Jeans, True Religion, Keneth Cole, Ted Baker & Valentino. This should make ‘Collective’ the hottest fashion spot for the ‘with-it’ Indian male!

Though, on another note can you imagine the possible remote consequences of pictures of Buddha playing the guitar? That’s ‘True Religion’ jeans for you. The Keneth Cole homepage celebrates ‘gender identity’ by showing a transgender woman kissing her boyfriend. All that with the likes of Ted Baker & Valentino makes it a rather eclectic mix. In a country looking for excuses to make politics, everything has potential! And thank God politicians don’t read (blogs).