Mukesh Ambani may just have put his foot in his mouth by his open support to Project Nano !

Madam Banerjee has announced that she now wants to take on some more ! The last I read, she has organised a ‘dukandar’ rally of small shopkeepers in Singur to oppose (sic) the entry of corporates into retail since she fears it would lead to disaster !

It may be noted that after being ousted from Kolkatta last year, Reliance Fresh has just about opened 3 stores in Kolkatta once again. The paint may perhaps still be wet at the stores but it sure does smell trouble for them once more. 

All this, while she has slammed the breaks on Ratan Tata’s small car along with thousands of large trucks and other vehicles on the Durgapur expressway.

Though she seems to have broadened her ban to include all of the big boys like Kishore Biyani’s Pantaloon Retail, RPG’s Spencers, and Tata’s Westside. It doesn’t help that Kishore Biyani took his first step into organised retail in Kolkata and RPG’s Spencer’s is based out of Kolkata. Spencer’s in fact was forced to buy peace with street hawkers around its new hypermarket by agreeing to certain restrictions on trade placed  by Gariahat Hawkers’ Sangram Samiti and National Hawkers’ Federation. 

Madam Banerji thinks organised retail is a national “diasaster”.

God save the nation !